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VanillaStack is the new Enterprise open-source cloud-native stack based in Kubernetes

VanillaStack by Cloudical

Enterprise open-source cloud-native stack based on Kubernetes.

VanillaStack is easy to be installed, already integrated and the new way of running workloads on premises, VMs, private clouds, public clouds, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

VanillaStack is based entirely on open-source projects, such as Kubernetes, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Rook, HELM and many more.

VanillaStack comes with Professional Support, giving you the peace of mind required for your productive work environments.

Managed PaaS.

Focus on developing your application.
Don’t worry about infrastructure management.

Managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), is a platform that Cloudical sets up, rolls out and operates for you in any cloud environment. You have the application and can focus on managing it.

Either bring your own infrastructure and let us host it on your preferred IaaS platform (while you are contractor to the cloud provider) or together with you we choose the perfect fitting infrastructure.

From analyzing your current environment to managing the platform: The whole lifecycle of Managed PaaS takes about one month. Compared to a similar setup without Managed PaaS that is about six times faster!

No unneccessary complexity.  No lack of experts.  No extra costs.

Managed SaaS.

The all-inclusive package for
your cloud migration.

Managed Software as a Service, or Managed SaaS, is the all-inclusive package for your cloud migration! It includes the complete administration and delivery of your infrastructure and software through Cloudical from the automated platform to the more advanced application management.

The carefree approach for your organization, with full expert support and tailored to your needs. Cloud migration – made simple!

Migrate your workloads to market-leading cloud-native middleware on the best cloud infrastructure! Uncomplicated, targeted and with professional support.

No unneccessary complexity.  No lack of experts.  No extra costs.


Understand cloud as strategy for your organization and discover all its advantages! In this workshop, Cloudical experts work with you to identify potential business opportunities and to discuss their impacts. This workshop provides you with a substantial overview of cloud, technologies, and strategic opportunities, making a profound start into any cloud adventures for your organization!


Are you using OpenSource software and are you missing enterprise support? Are you facing unsolved software problems? Is the community support too slow? Call our experts! We will take care of the troubleshooting in a timely and uncomplicated manner! Our topics range from cloud and application platforms to cloud storage solutions.


Discover short and long-term opportunities within cloud environments! This workshop is essential if your organization wants to understand how cloud and related technologies, such as IoT, ML, AI or BigData can be beneficial from a business perspective – and to understand, which of these technologies and approaches actually make sense.


Who is Cloudical?

We are a company centered around cloud technology, digitization, agile work, processes and knowledge sharing. Our employees value and appreciate diversity and tolerance, and always strive for the best in technology, processes, and culture – not only to our customers but also to themselves. We have offices in Germany and Poland.

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Cloudical - New Impulses for Cloud Computing from Europe

The information platform for IT, digitization, business for the future Bytes for Business is publishing regularly out-of-the-box tips and presents important content for the European digitization market.

This week seven start-ups from Germany are introduced which are working innovatively in cloud computing, Cloudical is one of these.

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Open Source, Open and Vendor Agnostic – VanillaStack

 Cloudical today launched VanillaStackVanillaStack is a complete open source software stack based on Kubernetes and allows the easy integration of many open source projects like Harbor, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Rook or Ceph using a web-based installer. 


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Farewell, SUSE OpenStack!

On October 9th 2019 SUSE canceled its OpenStack Cloud development. Cloudical offers migration from canceled SUSE OpenStack Cloud to a new vendor.

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Cloudical is Best New Partner 2019

On May 22nd 2019 Cloudical GmbH won the Best New Partner Award 2019 at the SUSE DACH Summit in Nuremberg.

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The Cloud Report

Our quarterly magazine sheds light on the subject of “cloud”.

Why is cloud becoming more relevant? How to get into the cloud? Which clouds are there? Which technologies are used? Which providers exist and how do they differ? What costs are incurred for the user? How is the data saved? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various offers from the user and customer perspective?