Customer Success Stories

Customer: Aviation Industry

  • Application migration from legacy to microservice based structure
  • Establishing and coaching DevOps processes
  • Integration of tooling
  • Operating CI/CD infrastructure and processes

We supported the client to moving the legacy data centre applications to the public cloud. This is has been done on multiple levels, through the establishment of new organisational structures, new processes and new software architecture.

Customer: Software Provider

  • Develop a Kubernetes cluster for a cloud-native application
  • Provide secured monitoring and managed services

The client offers an innovative Software-as-a-Service solution for lawyers, tax advisors and auditors. The application allows professionals to securely share confidential information. We build a fully automated Kubernetes cluster of 11 nodes with compute provided by a public cloud. The network and application containers are monitored by an Icinga satellite approach which takes into account the client’s high security standards.

Customer: European Agency

  • Architect and build a hybrid cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack
  • Design, build and operate Kubernetes clusters for cloud-native workloads

The client requested a hybrid cloud solution that would serve mission-critical
tasks. Cloudical helps the customer find and build the appropriate solution.
We’re currently operating and improving the platform across multiple private and public clouds. We coordinate different vendors that provide hardware, applications and services to this multi-year assignment.

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