Polyverse and Cloudical bring ground-breaking Polymorphing security to VanillaStack

Polyverse and Cloudical are excited to offer Polyverse Polymorphing as an optional, but integrated security layer for VanillaStack, Cloudical’s complete open source, cloud-native software stack.
“Polymorphing is a perfect fit for our VanillaStack as it fits our mission to provide developers with a truly open, but secure cloud-native platform that offers maximum choice and flexibility and allowing developers to just get on with writing better apps” says Jurlind Budurushi, Chief Cyber Security Officer, Cloudical.

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Open Source, Open and Vendor Agnostic – VanillaStack

Now Available!

Cloudical today launched VanillaStackVanillaStack is a complete open source software stack based on Kubernetes and allows the easy integration of many open source projects like Harbor, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Rook or Ceph using a web-based installer. The installer itself is also open source, as are all scripts used to introduce additional projects and features. 

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VanillaStack is the new open-source cloud-stack for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS!

A complete open-source software-stack and -ecosystem running on every cloud, VM and bare-metal.

As complete open-source software-stack and -ecosystem for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS, running on every cloud, VM and bare-metal, VanillaStack covers all aspects of modern cloud-environments. VanillaStack is based on Kubernetes and incorporates a multitude of open-source projects, such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, HELM, Harbor, etc. in one easy to set up, open, secure, trustworthy and expandible package.

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Gaia-X – A European Hyperscaler

Cloudical is involved in the Gaia-X project in Workgroup 2 “Operational Infrastructure” (11), where Cloudical can contribute the most expertise from its daily business with cloud infrastructures. Cloudical is convinced that standards are necessary for multi-cloud strategies, on the one hand to enable providers to participate quickly in cloud orchestration, and on the other hand to enable users with such a meta platform to benefit greatly from orchestration of many cloud services. 

This article by our colleague Wolfgang Ksoll gives a short overview of the Gaia-X (1) project as next generation cloud computing: with motivation for the project, what is Gaia-X?, project organization, role of civil society and prospects. 

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Migration from SUSE OpenStack Cloud to Vanilla/Distribution

Cloudical offer for migration from canceled SUSE OpenStack Cloud to a new vendor

Migrate from SUSE OpenStack to Vanilla or Distribution with ease!

OpenStack is the leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution to realize open-source based private or public cloud solution.
On October 9th 2019 SUSE canceled to SUSE OpenStack Cloud development. Current users have the choice to stay on SUSE OpenStack Cloud until end of support or migrate directly to an alternative platform.

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Cloudical joins the 2019 Cloud Technology & Services Conference

September 2019. Times are changing rapidly – from On Premises to the Cloud! We face the challenge of transforming existing legacies into hybrid cloud stacks or  multi-cloud environments. New integration models are needed.

The 2019 Cloud Technology & Services Conference intends to stimulate an exchange with experts and like-minded people on how to integrate containers and microservices.

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Cloudical develops partnership with Oracle Cloud

August 2019. Berlin based cloud technology and consulting company Cloudical Deutschland GmbH is now Oracle Silver Partner. Both partners are currently developing the details of the partnership, discuss joint customer approaches and set up technical consultancy and workshop offerings. With this partnership Cloudical is expanding its comprehensive offering of workshops, consultancy and expertise to the Oracle ecosystem.

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Cloudical GmbH won the Best New Partner 2019 Award at the SUSE DACH Summit!

May 2019. At the SUSE Partner Summit DACH 2019, Cloudical received the Best New Partner 2019 Award. In addition to the solution partnership for SUSE’s cloud offerings, the overall Cloudical offering, which goes very well with SUSE products, was honored with this award.

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New Online Editor for the Cloud Report!

To fill the job as a new editor I gave myself the first task to interview our Editor in Chief, Friederike Zelke, about the new position.

How come the Cloud Report needs additional staff?

The Cloud Report is a hybrid journal, so, the website ( is an important part of the journal. And to bring more genuine content, more interviews, more relevant news, more technique and more coverage in general into higher expansion we decided to hire an online editor.

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