Cloud Strategy Workshop

Why do you want to use cloud technology? Do you need it? Are there any case studies you could learn from? What opportunities does cloud technology offer your business? Find out in our interactive Cloud Strategy Workshop! Understand cloud as strategy for your organization.

In this workshop we will answer all of your questions:
  • What is cloud?
  • What is the best approach for my business? (Lift & Shift vs. CloudNative)
  • What about the big picture? (technology, processes, mindset, culture)
Additionally we will:
  • identify and analyze your businesses potentials and opportunities.
  • show you strategies for cloud migrations.
  • explain best practices and failures.
  • enable your organization for the move into the cloud and define next steps.
For whom is this workshop?

This workshop is tailored for C-Level and decision makers.

What can you contribute?
  • Identify and assign stakeholders of your business
  • Outline your current or planned cloud vision
  • Overview of your current IT infrastructure and processes
  • Overview of the current pain points in your company
Kim-Norman Sahm
Speaker: Kim-Norman Sahm
Being CTO and Head of Cloud Technology at Cloudical, Kim-Norman Sahm will give you in this workshop a substantial overview of cloud, technologies, and strategic opportunities tailored to your business.
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