Rook: New Winds in the v1.1 release


An Article by Alexander Trost, DevOps Engineer at Cloudica, Rook Maintainer


Rook is a storage orchestrator for Kubernetes using the operator pattern.
That means that Rook can run, e.g., Ceph, EdgeFS, Yugabyte and other persistence providers in a Kubernetes cluster.
This allows applications to create, e.g., a YBCluster object to get a YugabyteDB cluster to provide persistence for your applications in Kubernetes.

Be sure to check out Rook’s website for more information.

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A two-away approach towards security in Cloud Computing

An Article by Dr. Jurlind Budurushi, Security Engineer at Cloudical

This article is the first of a series of articles providing an overview of security challenges in cloud computing, and respective solutions addressing such challenges.

By enabling a long-held dream of computing as utility, Cloud Computing has become one of the major technology trends in the last decade. Due to its’ flexible and agile nature, Cloud Computing is continuously and significantly transforming a large part of the IT industry.

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Rook more than Ceph

An article by Alexander Trost, DevOps Engineer at Cloudical

Rook allows you to run Ceph and other storage backends in Kubernetes with ease. Consumption of storage, especially block and filesystem storage, can be consumed through Kubernetes native ways. this allows users of a Kubernetes cluster to consu- me storage easily as in “any” other standard Kubernetes cluster out there. allowing users to “switch” between any Kubernetes offering to run their containerized appli- cations. Looking at the storage backends such as minio and CockroachDB, this can also potentially reduce costs for you if you use rook to simply run the CockroachDB yourself instead of through your cloud provider.

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The Death of the Developer

An article by Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical


Cloud, especially when understood as PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)-approach changes a lot for developers, technologically and in regard to mindset. In fact, it changes so much, that we as developers need to reinvent ourselves – and actually need to bury our old incarnations. this new series will cover all of these aspects and starts by giving a high-level overview on the growing complexities and challenges, developers are confronted with.
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Building the Clouds

An article by Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical

Google Cloud has a lot of impressive things to discover – one of the interesting and least known aspects is its integrated build system, Cloud Build. Let’s set it up for hosting a GIt-repository, for building a microservice and for storing the generated artifacts in a Docker registry inside Google Cloud.

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The new way of life

An Article by Maria Bauer, COO of Cloudical

New Work, the future of work and the new culture of the people

The world of work has been experiencing fundamental and structural change for some years now. New Work is the epitome of this transformation. But the triggers for this development are manifold. Globalization and demographic change, digitization and connectivity are among the causes for the change in the world of work. The question of how we deal with the New Work megatrend is becoming increasingly urgent.

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