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Whether you are a start-up company or a corporate group, our offers in the areas of training, workshops and coaching will help you build a sustainable competitive advantage with key technologies and the necessary soft skills and methods. Cloudical offers face-to-face courses for individuals and individual on-site training for corporate teams.

Training: Improve your cloud skills!

The acceptance of the cloud continues to grow. Forrester analysts predicted the global cloud computing market to exceed $200 billion in 2019, which is up 20 percent on 2018 (Computerworld UK, 31.12.2018). The increasing switch to the cloud requires companies to think and act differently. In order to be successful in this new era, it is essential to promote the skills and abilities of the next generation of your employees.

Cloudicals Training and Enablement Team helps you build cloud-based skills that reach and sustain a new level of competitive performance. Our proven consulting and training products enable individuals and teams to innovate faster so your business not only survives, but thrives, now and in the future.

Get in touch today – we gladly to put together an individual offer for your company’s needs:

Discover new ways of thinking with our cloud experts

Whether you’re looking for personal development or team training, we offer the best native cloud resources to accelerate your cloud adoption. Test your skills with our cloud native experts to unlock your industry’s greatest potential.

Cloud Strategy Workshop

Understand cloud as strategy for your organization and discover all its advantages!

For: C-Level, Decision Makers

Cloud Readiness Workshop

Discover the cloud readiness of your organization and infrastructure!

For: Project Managers, Decision Makers, C-Level

Cloud Business Workshop

Discover short and long-term opportunities within cloud environments!

For: Decision Makers, C-Level

Coaching: Transforming your enterprise. Systemically.

The increase in complexity, speed and transparency in the working world makes it necessary for companies to have more decision-makers among their employees. At the same time, the transformation in the working world is characterized by flat hierarchies and agile teamwork. And the ability to learn faster than the competition is one of the most important competitive factors for companies in today’s knowledge society. In addition, we all face similar situations and challenges, both in our working lives and in our private lives.

This is why more and more companies are supplementing coaching as part of their communications architecture. A well thought-out communication structure will help to ensure that information and ideas reach the entire company freely and efficiently. Coaching has also become indispensable in the personnel and organisational development of many large and medium-sized companies.

Our coaches are part of our Cloudical Expert Network and are based in different industries. You have a special request, we have the right coach for you!

One-on-One Seminars

Leadership Seminars

Coaching of Teams

Mentoring 4.0

Workshop for Team Leads

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