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The Cloud Report is a hybrid journal: online and print. It wants to shed light on the subject and every aspect of “cloud”. Why is cloud becoming more relevant? What technologies are used? Which providers exist and how do they differ? What costs are incurred for the user? How are the data saved? These and many other questions are answered in our Cloud Report. We want to illuminate this, bringing some light into this fascinating and diverse world in which we all move.

We are testing the different cloud provisions and publish the results in various tables. These help the customer to independently inform themselves and to find the right provider for their needs. And these results are also interesting for the providers. They can recognize their weaknesses and potentials, see need to catch up, or discover approaches to further specializations and improvements. And of course, they present themselves to a greater audience.

Our main goal is to give a neutral and comprehensive insight into the possibilities, opportunities and differentiations of cloud computing offerings. Of course, we do not just focus on the large, international providers, we also want to test and interview national providers, as they are a very essential, but often unnoticed part of the market for us.

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Cloud-native is an approach to ensure that applications are designed and developed for cloud computing architecture. Cloud-native applications make consistent use of the services provided by the cloud and are based on micro-services (

Author Christina Kraus (meshcloud) asks: Why do companies aim to implement cloud-native applications? What are the benefits of being cloud-native?

Sandra Parsick, freelance software developer and Java consultant, shows an approach to automate the basic functionalities to operate cloud services by using the provisioning tool Ansible to describe how automated quality assurance for provisioning scripts can look like.

Cloudical’s CEO Karsten Samaschke shows how to write a microservice, package it and deploy it onto a Kubernetes cluster.

Being one approach to review organizational processes, agility is another aspect of being cloud-native. Jana Weiner and Anne-Sophie Schwindenhammer take a look into the daily challenges of changing organizations and give advice for a holistic communication.

Cloud, IoT, 5G, streaming, digitization, … for all these developments energy is needed! Author Sandro Kreten (Trier University of Applied Sciences) discusses some basic approaches to catch more attention for the important topic “energy”.

Interviews in this issue
Mark Collier, COO and Co-Founder of the OpenStack Foundation, gives very deep and personal insights of IaaS, cooperation, doubts and confidents.

Marco Görgmaier (BMW Group), talks about the cloud strategy of the BMW Group and the evolution of big enterprises. He shows a concrete example for being ready for the future.

All the best for you and a lot fun while reading!

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