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The Cloud Report is a hybrid journal: online and print. It wants to shed light on the subject and every aspect of “cloud”. Why is cloud becoming more relevant? What technologies are used? Which providers exist and how do they differ? What costs are incurred for the user? How are the data saved? These and many other questions are answered in our Cloud Report. We want to illuminate this, bringing some light into this fascinating and diverse world in which we all move.

We are testing the different cloud provisions and publish the results in various tables. These help the customer to independently inform themselves and to find the right provider for their needs. And these results are also interesting for the providers. They can recognize their weaknesses and potentials, see need to catch up, or discover approaches to further specializations and improvements. And of course, they present themselves to a greater audience.

Our main goal is to give a neutral and comprehensive insight into the possibilities, opportunities and differentiations of cloud computing offerings. Of course, we do not just focus on the large, international providers, we also want to test and interview national providers, as they are a very essential, but often unnoticed part of the market for us.

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The latest issue:


Lately since Europe got the new version of GDPR everybody in the IT is talking about security. Most of all, data security. Are my data safe in a cloud? Should I revive my own data center? Stay I the owner of my data? For now, we can answer: They can be safe. Maybe approach a hybrid solution. And, of course you stay the owner of your datas!

With this “They can be safe”, the interesting part starts: how? We do not have the answer of that question, but we have some thoughts about it. But data security is not the only part of security issues. There are questions about the security of data centers, are they fireproof or waterproof? Are they near an airport? What information does my cloud provider give to me? Do I really know, where my data are? Another question is the access. Who can see which data?

Customer, stay in touch with your provider. And provider, keep in mind, that you need the trust of your customers, so be trustworthy.

In this issue Dr. Jurlind Budurushi leads to some general security topics, Trendmicro introduces their security approach,  Birgit Hess from SAP is talking about the challenges concerning security and digitization and Karsten Samaschke tells you how you develop secure. Furthermore, Julia Hahn thinks about strategic alliances in a globally working industry and Christian Zehrer gives practical tips about the agile transformation.

All the best for you and a lot fun while reading!

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