Managed SaaS

Relax.  Turn off everything.  Leave the office.  Let Managed SaaS do the work for you.

Managed Software as a Service, or Managed SaaS, includes the complete administration and delivery of your infrastructure and software through Cloudical from the automated platform to the more advanced application management.

No unneccessary complexity.
No lack of experts.
No extra costs.

Managed SaaS makes migration easy: verify, embed and execute code! The development time of your application is massively reduced by it and it will help you achive a significant reduction of operation costs.
Managed SaaS is programming language-independent: any application can run on it. Due to the infrastructure with Cloud Foundry you will experience no application dependencies. Managed SaaS provides immediate and easy entry into containerized cloud environments.

From analyzing your current environment to managing the platform & application:
The whole lifecycle of Managed SaaS takes about one month.
Compared to a similar setup without Managed SaaS that is about six times shorter!
2nd Day Operation
Live Observability
Security Audit and Backup Functions
Advanced Support Choices
Incident Management
Key Performance Indicator
Completely Automated Setup.
Resource Management done by Cloudical.
Single Point of Contact via Cloudical ServiceDesk.
Enterprise Web-UI.
Compatible with Major CI/CD Tools.
GitLab and Jenkins as Pipeline Foundation.
Handling all Issues IaaS, Software Subscriptions,
Software Stack and Cloud Foundry.

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Do you simply want to run your application on your own and only need support when it comes to PaaS, Platform as a Service?
Great! We have a product that exactly fits your needs:
Managed PaaS, Managed Platform as a Service

Expand your experience! Take the next step and turn Managed SaaS into a carefree package for your whole company!

Start your journey with our Strategy Workshop to understand cloud and consider it as strategy for your company. Develop the proper mindset for migrating into cloud environments, especially for and in regards to Managed SaaS.
Our experts will help you identify potential business opportunities, discuss their impacts and consider different approaches and challenges.


In the next step we focus on Infrastructure Migration. In cooperation with you our consultants analyse your infrastructure for cloud-readiness, identify components to be migrated into a cloud environment, roll out infrastructure, automate and configure it.

Complete your Managed SaaS experience with our Enablement Workshop. This is a technical workshop to enable participants to understand how the technology stack is working and which problems could be solved by using it. Our cloud experts deliver this workshop in different difficulty grades to provide a knowledge path from beginner to expert.



We love to support you with the Application Migration, during which our cloud experts support you in developing your mindsets into cloud-native ones, helping you to generate the most benefits with your new technology stacks. We also help out on a technical level by modifying or rewriting the app.

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