Who Is Cloudical?

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Cloudical’s focus is knowledge. And the way to gain knowledge is learning, which we do not understand in an isolated or abstract way. We process information through individual learning and thus acquire knowledge. Our experts with their incredible special knowledge support on the way from an information society to a knowledge society.

Cloudical as a company does no work with set teams. Instead, our experts work together depending on what our customer’s needs are. We form agile teams for the length of each project, bringing together our expertise for the best outcome. This way, we find and develop the best and most suitable approaches for all different clouds, digitization, agile work, collaboration, cross functionality, and DevOps.

We value diversity and tolerance and always strive for the best in technology, processes and culture – not only towards our customers, but also to ourselves. At Cloudical, we strive for knowledge, excellence and understanding. We assemble visionaries in our company who think big in all facets and are 100% solution and customer oriented.

All, to deliver Cloudexcellence to you.

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