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You want to switch from proprietary tools and apps to Open Source? You are maybe even interested in an enterprise open-source cloud-native stack based on Kubernetes (which would be our VanillaStack) and have questions about it?

Our cloud application professionals have been successfully advising companies in the area of Open Source for years and are always ready to assist you with their know-how. As a cloud-native knowledge company, we look forward to sharing our expertise with you!

We are experts for Open Source-tools!

You want to use Open Source-tools and don’t know where to start?
Do you want to know what Open Source-tools you can choose from and what tools best fit your way of working?
We know what we are talking about – we are actually using Open Source-tools in our daily work!

We would love to support you!

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Our main topics range from Open Source-tools for email to video-calls and company-wide-chats as well as single-sign-on-tools (SSO) and CRMs. Simply choose from the adjacent topics or combine them.

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Discover Open Source-Tools For:

Access Management

File Storage

Customer Relationship Management



Chat & Messaging

Text, Calculation, Presentation

Screen Sharing

VanillaStack by Cloudical

The enterprise open-source cloud-native stack based on Kubernetes.

Easy to be installed, already integrated and the new way of running workloads on premises, VMs, private clouds, public clouds, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Audits For Your Company

In our audits your software, your infrastructure and your security measures are closely examined.

We check them for their suitability for digitization and for any necessary adjustments.

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