We train. We educate. We deliver CloudExcellence.

Cloudical Deutschland GmbH offers apprenticeships in office management (IHK) and IT application development (IHK).

Cloudical sees itself as a learning organization. Behind this philosophy lies, among other things, the idea of lifelong learning. Therefore, it’s only natural for Cloudical to train young professionals within the dual training.

In Germany, the dual training is firmly established. Dual training is a vocational training system – it takes place at two learning locations: the company and the vocational school.  The training is characterized by learning processes that span several learning locations (dual learning).

Cloudical Deutschland GmbH offers apprenticeships in office management (IHK) and IT application development (IHK). The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) is an important partner in training, alongside the vocational school.

Develop and Share Knowledge

We understand knowledge as the core of our company. We understand knowledge as a combination of learned facts, approaches, technologies, customer interactions, errors made and practical experiences. We actively develop this knowledge and openly share it with our team, our organization, our partners and customers.

Try, Fail and Improve

We always try to improve upon errors and failures. We understand them as necessary steps to improvements and accept errors and failures to happen. We actively allow for try-and-fail-fast approaches, as long as the impact is foreseeable, manageable and provides added value in regards to knowledge and processes.
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With the dual training Cloudical makes an important contribution to society and the economy while at the same time retaining capable and motivated employees. All of Cloudical’s business units feel responsible and make their professional contribution to the young professional’s training. This applies in particular when it comes to imparting skills, knowledge and abilities along the material and temporal lines planned individually for each trainee.

Cloudical invests not only in the improvement of the trainee’s technical skills and knowledge, but also focuses on the development of communication and motivation of our trainees. It is usually easier for the trainees to grasp tasks if they understand the purpose for which the task must be completed, and which entrepreneurial goal is being pursued. This often requires more time but promotes one of the important factors: Motivation. The trainee feels taken along and at the same time gains insights into processes and procedures, which are also important at the next stations in the company.


Cloudicals at work.

As a company, Cloudical is characterized by the highest quality demands on ourselves. This of course includes our trainees. Cloudical offers exciting challenges in cloud environments as well as interesting customers and partners, so an apprenticeship is an excellent basis for the career entry. We value diversity and tolerance and always strive for the best in technology, processes and culture – not only towards our customers, but also to ourselves.

We train. We educate.
We deliver CloudExcellence.

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