Corporate Culture

Cloudical is a knowledge company with a technological background.

We process information through individual learning and thus acquire knowledge. Our focus is learning, which we do not understand in an isolated or abstract way. Our employees with their incredible special knowledge support us on the way from an information society to a knowledge society.

The knowledge that we represent externally is deeply anchored internally.

We accompany the challenges and upheavals caused by digitization, not only technologically and process-wise, but also humanly.

Our holistic approach: We understand the requirements of our customers, select the right provider, optimize processes and communicate our knowledge.

For us, technology is always a means to an end – never the focus. People are the focus and revolve around technology. With this approach, we ensure the right mindset and thus support change management.

We are Maria, we are Karsten, we are Friederike, we are Thomas, we are Linda, and more.....

Interpersonal and technological skills as well as openness and tolerance are very important to us. As a company, Cloudical is characterized by the highest quality demands on ourselves. That is why we have set leadership principles for the whole company.

We offer exciting challenges in cloud environments as well as interesting customers and partners. We value diversity and tolerance and always strive for the best in technology, processes and culture – not only towards our customers, but also to ourselves.

We are people who strive for knowledge, excellence and understanding. We assemble visionaries who think big and in all facets and are 100% solution and customer oriented.

Cloudical. Delivering CloudExcellence. Join us!

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