All about Cloud-Technology

The very first step towards a successful IT-project is to choose a competent partner. Cloudical is a perfect match for your Cloud- and/or Cloud-Native project. Our technical expertise is based on long-lasting practical experiences and knowledge in enterprise environments and with enterprise customers.

Public Cloud or Private Cloud with OpenStack?

We love Public Clouds! Be it AWS, Azure, GCE, OTC (Open Telekom Cloud) or another vendor – we are fine with each of them, since we are at home in cloud environments. Utilize our experiences and let us grow together into public cloud environments! You don’t want to move into a Public Cloud? We guide and support you in introducing Private Cloud technologies such as OpenStack. Used properly, OpenStack can be a huge step in direction of Software-Defined-DataCenter and can provide you with similar functionality as with Public Cloud environments in regards to provisioning and operations of VMs and heterogeneous compute resources. Increase the efficiency of your IT by utilizing the huge amount of automation features provided by OpenStacks standardized APIs.

Ceph & – 100% OpenSource, no Vendor-Lock-In!

Software-Defined-Storage-solutions such as Ceph and are introduced and tailored by our experts. Actually, Cloudicals Alexander Trost is one of the’s maintainers and we are supporting him in doing so by donating a significant part of his working hours to that project. The Ceph framework is a smart OpenSource alternative to traditional Storage solutions. Be it as Storage-Backend to OpenStack or Kubernetes, or  as a standalone-solution for Object- or Shared File-storage, Ceph is versatile enough to handle it. Why should you want to be dependant of a Hardware- or Software-vendor? Use OpenStack and/or Ceph and be safe from Vendor-Lock-Ins – without lacking any support, as Cloudical will happlily provide you with enterprise-grade support for Ceph, Rook, Kubernetes and OpenStack.

Migrate from Legacy to Cloud-Native

We will plan, coordinate and support you on your way from Legacy IT-solutions to Cloud-Native approaches and environments. Technology stacks such as Kubernetes and OpenShift are part of our daily business. For many applications, the usage of legacy VMs is too inefficient, whereas container-technologies such as Docker will satisfy you with way better utilization of resources and therefore improve the overall economics of your IT. Orchestrators such as Kubernetes allow for operating thousands of containers on highly scalable, high available and self-healing container platforms, being available on both Public- and Private Cloud environments.

CI/CD and DevOps: Automate everything!

Key to successful introduction of DevOps-technologies is automation. CI/CD and DevOps-processes are a must to us, we emphasize on establishing technologies, toolchains, and mindsets from the very beginning of a project. For modern IT- and Cloud-environments, Infrastructure-as-Code (IoC) is required for success. Get rid of traditional technologies and learn about fully automated IT-solutions! Be it OpenStack and Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift or CloudFoundry, or even Big-Data and AI: We are at home on every level of IT! But technology is nothing without sophisticated operational approaches. Cloud-Native environments enforce new approaches and mindsets, which we will happily set up with you and plant into your organizational and enterprise environments.

Experts? Experts!

Our certified experts will support you through the whole lifecycle of your project – technologically or procedurally. Let us jointly ensure your transformation into Cloud and Cloud-Native will be the kind of success, your business deserves!