CloudNative Appliances

CloudNative Appliances

Our goal is to provide our customers with a managed Kubernetes Cluster, designed and prepared to run all of their applications. The main advantage for our customers: They only need to run their applications – Cloudical covers all the other aspects, such as Kubernetes, Storage, Update-Management and Application Deployment. All components are tested and coordinated with each other, giving you the good feeling of a commercial solution, despite all components being OpenSource and Community-driven.

Variants of Managed Kubernetes Clusters

Cloudical defined and develops two variants of our managed clusters:
  • CNA – Cloud Native Appliance
  • CNVA – Cloud Native Virtual Appliance


CNA stands for Cloud-Native Appliance. This variant is developed to run resource- and IO-intensive applications on dedicated and certified hardware. CNA provides a complete solution on top of the specified hardware, including Kubernetes, Logging, Monitoring, Security, CI/CD and System Management. CNA is able to integrate with Private- as well as Public Cloud-environments, such as OpenStack, AWS, Azure, GCE or OTC. CNA is provided as a complete bundle consisting of Hardware and Software-components. Cloudical experts manage all aspects of the solution, therefore the customer literally needs to provide energy and network-supply – everything else is managed by Cloudical without affecting any of the customer’s other infrastructures.


CNVA stands for Cloud-Native Virtual Appliance. This solution is the virtual counterpart to CNA, as it consists of basically the same software components as CNA, but is designed to run on Private- as well as Public-Cloud environments. For Private Cloud-environments, we expect OpenStack as underlying foundation to be present. All environments are tested by Cloudical engineers for compatibility before rolling out the solution – thus avoiding negative surprises in regards to compatibility and operations. CNVA was developed to scale above clouds (Multi-Cloud-approach) and at the same to handle workloads in one cluster. It provides our customers with a completely managed solution for production-grade clusters as well as a basically managed solution for other cluster workloads, such as Development- and Test-environments. With the integration of native Cloud-Storage-technologies such as and Ceph, CNVA allows customers to utilize the full potential of modern Kubernetes environments at reasonable prices.

Technical Integration

CNVA was developed from scratch for integration with most current Cloud-vendors and therefore abstracts the underlying complexity from users and customers. CNVA has a sophisticated UI allowing easy management of workloads across multiple clouds. Cloudical tested and integrated several technology stacks in CNVA in order to ensure this.


CNVA concentrates on Overlay-Networks, therefore abstracting clusters from the functionalities of different vendors. As of now, Calico and Tungsten Fabric are certified for production environments, whereas Webart and Flanell can be used additionally in non-productive environments. Communication across clusters is ensured using automated integration with Cilium. Service-Networking can optionally activated using ISTIO.


Although there is no Cloud-Native approach to storage, many applications – even when based on Microservices and therefore designed to run in Cloud-Native environments – demand persistent storage. Different Cloud-vendors offer different approaches to storage, which could lead to Vendor-Lock-In-scenarios, when not avoided. Therefore, Cloudical provided integration with, an abstraction layer for Cloud-Native-Storage-solutions, which does all the heavy-lifting in the background. Additionally, Cloudical is able to integrate all CSI-ready solutions into CNVA.


CNVA was and is developed with our customer’s Multi-Cloud-environments in mind. This allows for deep integration of different Cloud-vendors to run our customer’s workloads on Cloud- and on Bare-Metal-environments. Supported Clouds are: AWS, GCE, OTC, Azure, OpenStack and VMware as well as Bare Metal installations.


Cloud- and Cloud-Native implies continous integration and continous deployment. We tested and prebuilt several CI/CD-components to support traditional workloads as well as new projects. The most important solutions already integrated into CNVA are based on Jenkins, GitLab, Nexus and Maven.

Need more information?

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